Silicone-Based Lubes

Silicone-Based Lubes are the most slippery and long-lasting lubes you can buy. Couples LOVE silicone-based lube. They are especially wonderful for prolonged foreplay, work well for intercourse, and work much better in water than water-based lubes (use your imagination).

They stay wet for a long time, which is perfect for extended sex. They do not evaporate as quickly as water-based lubes (or good ole’ saliva). You typically need much less silicone-based lube compared to the water-based variant. Therefore, a bottle of silicone-based lube usually lasts much longer.

Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with sex toys made out of silicone. They may stain clothing and usually require soap and water to be washed off the body.

If you have never experienced silicone-based lube, you are missing out. Trust us, purchase a bottle today!

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