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No married couple’s bedroom or suitcase is complete without personal lubricant! God did a wonderful job of designing the human body to naturally lubricate during arousal, but a handy bottle of lube is still important. Lube serves a variety of functions, including increasing comfort, stimulation, longevity, and arousal.

We offer 100s of products and dozens of brands in multiple formulas, sizes, flavors, scents, containers, and more… so you can stock up on your favorite product or try something completely new.

Organic & natural lubes are strongly preferred by many because of the experience and natural sensitivity they offer. Silicone-based lubes are long-lasting and ultra-slippery for extended foreplay or love-making. Lube Kits & Samplers allow you to try multiple or new flavors and options. Flavored lubes or warming & tingling lubes take oral sex, sex, and massage to new levels. Spermicidal lubes can be a tool in your family-planning arsenal. We have something for EVERYONE.