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Massage Oils & Lotions

Few activities are more intimate, stimulating, and sexually revving than a sensual massage. Aromas fill the air and the room heats up. As you caress your spouse, the brain and body’s millions of nerve endings explode with titillating sensation and delight.

We have a HUGE collection of high-quality massage products for you to experience. They are specially formulated for your most intimate body parts. We have all-natural organic lotions, fragranced aromatherapy, warming, and a cornucopia of edible flavors to give you the opportunity to explore taste, touch, and sensation. Couples often prefer to snag massage kits or samplers so they can explore brands, flavors, sensations, and types.

Favorite brands are Earthly Body, Intimate Earth, Exsens of Parris, Emotion Lotion, & Body Heat.